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We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The movie was family friendly.
The chemistry between Jane and the young man who played her nephew was perfect.After seeing this movie we can understand why they wanted Jane for the part. She stepped into this role and made the character her own. We would highly recommend this movie.. It is a four star...thumbs up winner!

Penny & Paul

Thanks to receiving notice from a friend I recently was able to attend a showing of Jane Seymour’s movie, Touching Wild Horses at the Seattle International Film Festival. Having heard a little about the movie from friends that had seen it I was thrilled to have it play fairly close to my home in Portland, Oregon. So on Saturday, May 31st I made the 3 ½ hour trip up I-5 to Seattle and back just to see a 90 minute movie! It was well worth the trip. My friends were right about telling me how beautiful it was.

The photography reminded me of some of the wonderful scenes in another movie classic, The Black Stallion. There is just something magical about wild horses running on a beach. Both movies take advantage of this situation and the result is some of the most exquisite photography I have seen in a film in a long time.

The story centers around a young boy, Mark, who is sent to live with his Aunt Fiona, after his father, and sister are killed in a tragic automobile accident and his mother is left in a coma. Fiona has lived on Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia for more than 20 years, were she studies the wild horses that inhabit the island. Fiona and sometimes a Park Ranger are the only human’s on the island and she likes it this way – she does not want to interact with people, much preferring to spend her time photographing the horses. Mark and Fiona do not start off on the right foot with each other, Mark telling her that he does not want to be there and Fiona replying back that she does not want him there either, but “Life isn’t fair, get used to it”. She considers the horses her “family” and certainly does not want to have to deal with a 12 year old nephew.

Fiona is gruff, nasty and all together a rather unpleasant person. Jane is wonderful depicting Fiona at her worst, very reminiscent of the first part of another movie, Matters of the Heart. Mark is expected to do schoolwork, learn to cook and perform other chores around the small shack that Fiona calls home. At first resistant to her “rules” he gradually takes up the challenge and begins to excel. It is the mutual love of the horses and gradually brings the two of them together.

I loved the movie. It was a beautiful, moving story and both Jane and the young actor who plays Mark are terrific. Both have to play characters who have to overcome great personal losses in their lives and learn to work together and ultimately learn to love each other. This is very much my type of movie. I love the human condition type stories and the fact that if features horses AND Jane is a definite plus. Two thumbs way, way up on this one!!


I recently viewed Jane Seymour's movie, Touching Wild Horses, it was really nice to see her acting in this film. The story was very touching and the acting was believable for the two main characters of the aunt and the boy. The directing and acting were well done, the cinematography was beautifully filmed, and the scenery was enchanting for this movie. I enjoyed the music and the delightful horses used in the film. Jane Seymour rises to her superb acting talents in this film, she is so refreshing in this role. I liked this movie and hope to see it again many times.


I saw this film at the seattle film festival on 5/31/03. the movie was well attended, with a good cross section of age groups. the photography and music is just great ( i would hope that a book and c d come on on this) now to the acting and story. it takes very good actors to pull off a story when there are only two main characters. both actors played off each other in a way that made you forget you were watching a film. time limits prevented the story from taking another road ( adventures after leaving the island)

Rose- Washington
I had the pleasure of seeing this film at the Tribeka film festival. I hadactually seen it prior to this but in ‘French’ accompanied by a written English translation. Even in this format, I enjoyed it thoroughly; but needless to say seeing it in English, let alone on a big screen, was a far more satisfying experience.

The word that comes to mind when I think about how to describe this film is ‘real’. It doesn’t explode onto the screen with car chases and special effects, instead it quietly steals into your heart. These are characters one can relate to; for we’ve all at some point in our lives, experienced some form of loss. Jane Seymour reaches new heights in her performance as Fiona. She is nearly unrecognizable both in appearance and manner as the severe, withdrawn, scientist, who has lived for 20 years, isolated from the world on Sable Island with nothing but wild horses and a rigid park ranger for company. This character could easily have been one dimensional, had it been anyone but Jane Seymour in the role. Jane however, manages to convey a vulnerability in Fiona which shines through even when the character is at her worst; which is exactly what the writer presumably intended. Mark Rendall gives his all as well to his role as Mark, who like Fiona, is trapped behind a wall of pain.

The cinematography is magical, as is the sight of the wild horses galloping freely through the barren landscape.

I was fascinated watching the walls break down between these two characters, and a bond slowly develop.  The chemistry between the two actors is palpable and very compelling.

Like Dr. Quinn, Touching Wild Horses is about the ‘human condition’. It is a simple film but therein lies its power- for what power on earth is stronger then love? Both Fiona and Mark, have withdrawn inside themselves, afraid of being hurt again.

I had almost given up hope that Hollywood even remembered how to make a film like this anymore. Touching Wild Horses goes straight to the heart. For me, this was a story of how reaching out to another can heal the pain in one’s own heart. It’s a powerful message, especially in today’s ‘me first’ society. If you are tired of just being ‘entertained’ and are looking for a film that will ‘move’ you, then I highly recommend you see Touching Wild Horses.

Mary Ann

I loved the film - both the story line and the cinematography. It is a very touching character study of the growing/changing relationship between the boy who does not want to be there and the aunt who does not want the responsibility. Jane Seymour and Mark Rendall are outstanding in their portrayals. I hope that the film finds a distributor very soon.

Touching Wild Horses is a beautiful movie. The strong writing, subtle acting, and superb cinematography worked together to create a compelling story of grief and recovery. It is a character-driven movie that pairs a
women wounded by a painful past with a young boy coping with recent guilt and hurt. Slowly, and not always easily, they help each other emerge from their grief and heal. For me this movie was the best work Jane Seymour has done since Dr. Quinn. She was amazing as was her co-star Mark Rendall.
This film deserves to be in the theater.

Judy, New York

I really enjoyed this film very much. Jane Seymour
and her young co-star had wonderful chemistry
together. This movie was beautifully photographed and
well written and directed. I am looking forward to
seeing this movie again in wide release.

June B, New York

I really loved this movie!! I'm a horse lover, so I can't imagine anyting better than a movie with Jane and horses!! I especially liked seeing Jane's character change from a bitter woman, to one that could learn to love again. A wonderful movie!

Joanna W.- Michigan

" 'Touching Wild Horses' is a movie which depicts strength of character and determination. In today's times, if anyone desires to see a movie which will make them feel good, this is the movie to see.

As the story unfolds we see a broken-hearted woman living on a quiet island by herself until she takes in her young nephew, who is going through a tradgedy someone of his years should not be going through. As the story progresses we see two people growing together and becoming "a family".

The story, mixed with breathtaking scenery, and those beautiful horses make this a movie you will not only want to watch, but one you will want to keep in your personal collection".

Sheryl S- New York

Touching Wild Horses was a wonderful movie and it hit many emotional highs and lows. Jane Seymour's portrayal of a bitter, angry woman was very convincing and the softening of her character was a natural progression as she grew to love her nephew. Not only was the movie visually breathtaking, but I feel it was one of Jane Seymour's best.

Arlene- NY
This winter I saw Touching wild Horses on our French TV . It  was on a Sunday afternoon and it had a rather good score .This story is about a hurt woman who chooses to live  on an island alone with wild horses . She tried to tame them . It is a very touching one. Jane Seymour is really  moving in it Her nephew came to live with her and they learnt to know each other . Like always the chemistry between Jane and the boy is wonderful Jane shows her great talent! I like it very much I wonder why the American channels don't air this beautiful movie?

Monique from France
My husband and I saw this film Saturday night at the Wine Country Film Festival. We liked it very much. The story was moving and the photography was spectacular. It was amazing that a film with basically two main characters could grab the viewer and pull them in. Both Jane and Mark Rendall did wonderful work. I think my husband was expecting it to be a typical "woman's" film but it wasn't. He enjoyed it every bit as much as I did. This one is definitely a keeper!

Susan and Steve

I was able to catch the screening of this wonderful film this past weekend at the Napa Valley Country Wine Festival here in California. Much to my delight actress Jane Seymour and her husband James Keach attended the screening, and thus the audience was able to watch the film on the big screen along with them.

This movie is a delight to watch on the big screen ,the photography and the beautiful scenery are well done, the music is very alluring too.I enjoyed seeing it again at this festival, and I was once again drawn into the story of these two very interesting and intense people. Both actors brought out a great performance ,and I will enjoy watching this film for years to come. The directing and screen play right on, the acting just super.After the screening of the film in Napa Jane answered some questions about the filming of ,Touching Wild Horses, it looked to be a real winner with the audience. I voted for the movie and gave it a 5 being the highest mark a film can receive at this festival. I enjoyed the film very much, and when it came to an end some members of the audience were wiping tears from their cheeks.I thought it was well worth the five hour drive each way to see the film and Jane.I wish more quality movies such as these would be produced and can replace the reality shows we have everywhere these days.

Pam Hughes- California

Although I had recently seen the film, "Touching Wild Horses" at the Seattle Film Festival I jumped at the chance to see it again when my friend invited me to join her in Sonoma, California at the Wine Country Film Festival. The festival was featuring Jane Seymour's movie along with a special appearance by Jane.

I was again drawn into the story of the two main characters, both isolated emotionally and in Jane's case, physically, by past events and how they learned to trust again. Jane's character, Fiona, has lived on Sable Island for over 20 years studying the wildlife and in particular the wild horses who inhabit the island. Much to her displeasure she is forced to take in her young nephew, Mark, when his father and sister are killed in a car accident that also left his mother in a coma.

The acting is wonderful, with both Jane and young Mark Rendall turning in outstanding work. The relationship between the two comes across in the screen, building from, "I don't want to be here" to mutual love and respect. The horses are the catalyst that bring them closer and help them to heal from their emotional traumas.

Watching the movie again, this time with good friends, was a special treat made all the more memorable by having Jane in attendance. Following the movie she participated in a A and Q session with one of the Film Festival Hosts. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this movie to any and all who enjoy watching "human condition" type of film.

D. Scott, Oregon
I recently got the opportunity to see Jane's movie Touching Wild Horses at
the Wine country film festival in Napa. It was great.

At the beginning of the movie Jane's character Fiona was a cold, mean,
bitter woman whom her nephew, Mark, had the unfortunate twist of nature of
being stuck with. His whole life had just been turned upside down, and
instead of a compashionate aunt meeting him at the dock here was this
grumpy, bitter, harsh woman.

Once on the island they both finally let a bit of there problems show to
each other. Through sharing their grief with one another they both
grew as people and their characters definately grew. At the end of the movie
they had both come full circle with the help of a foal. Their characters
were great and the love you could feel was wonderful. In the last couple of
scenes I needed a tissue, as the tears streaked down my face.
I really liked the movie as did my husband Kirk. Neither of us care for
flashbacks in movies, but they worked for Touching Wild Horses. The scenery
was beautiful as were the horses. The photography was terrific. Jane and
Mark did a superb job with their roles. I think this is a real winner. If
only we could get it released in theUS for larger audiences to be able to
enjoy it.

Kirk and Dianne Bennett, Amador County, California

Here is of what I think of this film, please allow me to express myself,
" Touching wild horses, is a film very interessant which tells with a lot of interest wounds and human scars which destroy us from the inside. Jane Seymour is moving in lonely pioneer, " touching wild horses " is a good reflection on the taming of beings and animals. It is rare to find Jane Seymour in a role of cold and hard woman but at the same moment so vulnerable and in search of love. Thanks to Mark, Fiona is going to be able to bandage her wounds of formerly while resolving the problems of the young man. The frame of this film is magnificent, the paradisiac images, the moving music and the formidable actors, the damage that the film suffers from some lengthes ", thanks and goodbye,

Laulau, a french male fan

I have just seen Touching wild horses and I loved it. So did my three children since they love horses. My son who's nine happened to have his plush horse with him as he listened to the movie and we noticed that the plush horse was the same as the colt in the movie.

It is very touching to see the struggle of both Fiona and Matt. I'm glad I wasn't in a theater to listen to it because I hate it when I have tears in my eyes in public. My youngest son who's 5, and his brother 9 that never cries in movies, did. My daughter said she didn't, but I suspect she did a little. We once had ponies and now we have horses but seeing the little poneys. brought back nice memories They were so cute.

Cynthia, Québec Canada

I finally got my copy of Touching Wild Horses yesterday. I imported it through in Canada. It was worth the wait and extra cost. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous. The acting is wonderful, and the story is very touching. This is a terrific movie - one that showcases Jane's wonderful acting ability. I hope to see this in theaters soon!

Douglasville, GA
TOUCHING WILD HORSES is a beautiful story of how lives get better when people care for each other. This didn't happen too soon or the story would not have been realistic. As a retired teacher, I was glad to see Fiona using her teaching knowledge to work with Mark. His life improved because for the first time someone spent time with him. Her life improved because she now had someone to share her's with. When they began really communicating with each other they slowly began to heal from past hurts. This was a very "touching" movie. The scenery and the horses were absolutely beautiful. Jane Seymour did a wonderful job making Fiona such a remarkable character. The movie was done with no bad language. How refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not one to write to people over the internet - artists even less, for I don't want to invade their privacy - but if you ever read this, I wanted to thank you for a movie that you recently made and that I just finished watching «Touching Wild Horses». My summers in Nova Scotia with my grandmother are long gone, but that movie, your acting and touching story made it all come back to me. Grand was an excentric, living by herself, much like your character but those summers with her still remain the bright spots in a not so pleasant childhood. I've much learned about life from those times with her, namely that difference and acceptance is what make people rich human beings. So I basically wanted to say thank you for that movie and for making different choices in acting projects and making movies and series that actually help us move forward and learn more about life and ourselves as humans. Those projects may not always have a big fanfare, but they're the ones that count and that we remember in the end.


Touching Wild Horses was a great movie. I really enjoyed the change in the role that Jane played for this movie. Normally we see her in movies where she is dressed up in fancy clothes and such, so no one would expect to see her like this, but she played the part very well. I loved how she got to work with horses, as it is something that I'd like to do myself. The relationship between Mark and Fiona were very touching as they both helped each other to come out of a dark place. I had tears in my eyes at the end. I would definetly recommend this movie to others. I give it 10 stars, as it was a beautiful story.

Sheida, Canada
As I watched the movie the first time I kept telling my family that Jane sure was making me believe she was a cantankerous old Aunt! She is so awesome in the movie it gave me goose bumps. I enjoyed the movie so much that I have watched it several times. I liked the story line and the scenery was beautiful. I could almost feel as though I was on the island myself. I can't say enough about Jane and her acting ability. She was just awesome! She had me drawn in to her role and not once did I see her as Dr. Quinn while I watched the movie. She has such a talent!! Great movie and I hope to see more of her soon!

Fran Thomas

Touching Wild Horses came to me by surprise.  I am a huge Jane Seymour fan and try to follow her work as closely as possible, but somehow, Touching Wild Horses slipped through the cracks - until about 3 months ago.  I read about the movie online and immediately went to the website to learn more.  Then I was able to watch the movie and it has quickly become my favorite Jane Seymour movie to date.   I live in Florida.  We have 2 seasons - hot and not so hot.  Touching Wild Horses was a total opposite of anything that I am familiar with.  This "southern girl" was in new territory! The scenery was beautiful, the cast was outstanding (and to think, there really were only 3 people in the movie!), and the horses were breathtaking.  The story of mean Fiona and sweet, hurting Mark coming together and bonding as family was wonderful to watch.  Jane, as always, was amazing.  It was neat for me to see her play something so different than her "Dr. Quinn" role.  I expected her to still wear the frontier clothes!  Fiona's harsh spirit and self-defense attitude really showed me what a wonderful actress Jane is, because as a person, she's nothing like that.  Young Mark was awesome - I have a hard time believing that he is so young and this is his first major role. Thank you to the producers, directors, cast, and crew for making this movie.  I have and will continue to enjoy it.  I'm glad this "southern girl" got a chance to see the world beyond my boundaries.  It was well worth it.

Robyn Davidson
I haven't seen the movie for a while ... I saw it a few months ago. That movie is a masterpiece in my opinion. It's moving and funny at the same time ... that movie has it all! And Jane is great as a lonely woman. She's great as usual . And the boy (sorry I can't remember his name) is so moving ... a great actor. And I remember I loved the soundtrack. The end is a bit sad tho ... but I think it's okay because some people are fed up with happy ending movies. What I like in that movie is that you can't guess the end.

I just viewed the DVD and thought Touching Wild Horses was absolutely
wonderful. We need more heartwarming stories like this. I think it's a

John McLain
Keene, New Hampshire
I'm 65 years old. I was truly touched by the film. It's a beautiful
story and and a terrific history lesson. The end was especially
poignant for me because last November my adopted son, Scott finally
found his birth mother in Colorado. He was 28. She had been looking for
him since he turned 18 and he wanted to find her since he was 7. Your
film brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful job done by all involved.
Thanks for making the film.
Terry Miller
I just recently purchased "Touching Wild Horses" on DVD. It is WONDERFUL! The acting is SUPERB and the Cinematography is MAGNIFICENT! I recommend this movie to ALL! It is a tremendous family-friendly movie not to be missed! And viewing this movie made me realize how very much I miss Jane Seymour and her SUPERLATIVE acting on my TV screen on a regular basis. 
Sincerely, Miss Pamela L. Scott(
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