Touching Wild Horses Selected by Toronto International Film Festival,
Honored by the Heartland Film Festival

Starring Jane Seymour, Charles Martin Smith and Mark Rendall
Directed by Eleanore Lindo

September 5, 2002 Toronto         The Chesler/Perlmutter family feature Touching Wild Horses has been officially selected as a Special Presentation at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival where it will have its world premiere on September 11th.

The film has already won a Crystal Heart Award at Indiana's Heartland Film Festival and is among the five films competing for the grand prize to be awarded in October. The Heartland Festival honors work which "...explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life."

The film was produced by Lewis B. Chester, David M. Perlmutter and Frank Hubner as a Canada/German/UK co-production between Chesler/Perlmutter, ApolloMedia, and Grosvenor Park in association with Le Sabre, Screensaver International, and Martin J. Barab Productions. The film stars multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winning actress, Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn:Medicine Woman), Charles Martin Smith (Never Cry Wolf, The Untouchables, Here's To Life) and Mark Rendall (Tales from The Neverending Story). The production, directed by Eleanore Lindo (Little Men, Life in A Day, Road To Avonlea) and written by Murray McRae, was filmed on location in Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario.

Touching Wild Horses is a heart-warming drama about Mark, a resolute young man (Mark Rendall) who is sent to Sable Island to live with his academic reclusive Aunt Fiona (Jane Seymour) after a car accident leaves his father and sister dead and his mother in a coma. Other than the herds of wild horses, Charles (Charles Martin Smith) is the only other person living on the island, and he provides the catalyst for Mark and Fiona's bonding.

Producer David M. Perlmutter comments: "We wanted to broaden the scope of traditional family films in order to capture an adult as well as younger audience. This story is a contemporary classic, made all the more exciting with a stellar cast. The location is captivating and we think this turned out to be an outstanding film. "

Producer Lewis B. Chester says, "Touching Wild Horses is a very moving, powerful story about the rite of passage of a young boy and his aunt, who are both locked in their own painful feelings and need to find release. This is a dramatic action story which contains universal themes."

Jane Seymour has proven her talents in motion pictures and on television. On the big screen, she played Solitaire to Roger Moore's James Bond in To Live and Let Die and then starred opposite Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time. In Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Seymour has blazed a trail for family-worthy programming that parents can share and enjoy with their children. In addition to East of Eden, she has starred in The Absolute Truth, Black Out, Enslavement: The Fanny Kemble Story and A Marriage of Convenience, which all brought exceptional reviews and attracted broad audiences.

Charles Martin Smith has established himself as an acclaimed actor as well as a director of note. Making his debut in the classic film American Graffiti in the mid-70s, he then portrayed the legendary author, Farley Mowatt in Never Cry Wolf He went on to play the ill-fated FBI accountant Oscar Wallace in The Untouchables. More recently, Smith directed the sports comedy Air Bud.

Mark Rendall, who plays the boy sent to Sable Island to live with his aunt, made his film debut in The Impossible Elephant, directed by Martin Wood, starring Mia Sara. He was a regular on The War Next Door and played Bastian Balthazar Bux in the television series Tales From The Neverending Story.

Lewis B. Chester and David M. Perlmutter (the television series, The Hitchhiker, Hidden Room, and Sins of the City and the feature films Undertow, Bear With Me, Ms. Bear and Zebra Lounge) are partners in Chester/Perlmutter Productions, which specializes in filmed entertainment and television programming.

Since its inception in 1989, Chesler/Perlmutter Productions has built a successful record of production and development with almost every significant U.S. and Canadian broadcaster and distributor, and many broadcasters and distributors in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. They have produced over $250 million in television and theatrical projects since they started, making Chesler/Perlmutter Productions one of Canada's largest privately owned production companies.

ApolloMedia is a major German investor in the world film and television industry.

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